Monday, May 2, 2016

Chosen in Christ

            Take a moment to imagine these scenes:
            A sandy-haired fifth-grader walking home from the park, his chin on his chest and his tear-filled eyes on the grass; nobody wanted him to be on their team.
            An angry and hurt middle-aged man, swearing under his breath as he carries the contents of his desk out to his car; he pushed for the promotion and got the pink slip instead.  
            Ordinary-looking kids, guys along one wall of the junior high gym and girls on the other, all looking hopeful as they wait to be asked to dance; many go home feeling rejected and unwanted.
            A beautiful young bride-to-be, dressed in her gown and ready for the aisle, tears messing up her mascara as the bridesmaids try to console her; the groom-to-be changed his mind at the last minute.
            Scenes like these are a part of life; we all know what it feels like to not be chosen for the team or the job or the relationship or whatever. We all know the sting of rejection and inner hurt that comes from not measuring up to someone else’s expectations. And for all of us who have placed our trust in Jesus as our Lord and Savior, there is a truth that brings us healing and great joy: God chose us!
            He chose us! He chose you! Let that truth sink deep into your innermost being and let it heal your soul and dispel the pain of all those past hurts and rejections. For if God chose you, if He loves you and is there for you, who can stand against you? Who can stand in judgment against you when you are a child of the King? Who are they to judge someone who is a servant of the Most High and a friend of Almighty God? 
            God’s opinion of you over-rules the opinions of men and women. And when He sees you, He sees you as someone that Jesus died for, who is valuable and has been chosen to be holy and righteous, set apart for His own purposes, with an eternal destiny in heaven and earthly purposes He will help you fulfill. 
            Of course, at the time when we made the decision to follow Jesus, we thought that we were choosing Him. But God comes along and says, “I have known you since the day you were born and I knew all along the choices you would make and I have chosen you to represent Me to the world. You are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. You are my voice; speak my words of life to the dying. You are my hands; reach out and take care of the needy and hurting. You are my feet; carry me to those who need my touch. You are my chosen vessel; Me in you and you in Me; together we can bring hope and life to those around you.”
            You see, my friend, God has chosen you and me for reasons and purposes that far surpass our own understanding. As we live in Christ, in that place or realm where we are connected to Him and led by Him and filled with Him, we will grow in Him and do things that we would never have dreamed of without Him. For he chose us and has plans for us and will do great things through us as we live in Him.
            So rejoice! God chose you! And only He knows the plans and future of those whom He has chosen. But I can tell you this – it’s going to be good!

Let’s Pray Together:

            Thank you, Father, that you have chosen me. Let that truth sink deeply in my soul. Heal me of all those past hurts and feelings of rejection. I know you have chosen me for purposes and reasons that you are still revealing to me; make them clear to me and lead me into everything that you have for me. I give you my life and all that I am; help me to live my life in Christ, in your presence, in the center of your will, with your Holy Spirit within me to lead me and guide me and equip me with everything I need to do your will. I pray that your will would be done and your kingdom would come in my life and in these situations that I bring before you now… (continue praying as you feel led)

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